You Get What You Work For

“You Get What You Work For Not What You Wish For”

Southern House gets a lot of attention and work. For years we’ve enjoyed spending time outdoors, both in our backyard and adventuring to other states. Lately, because of COVID19, our precious family has spent time lingering around a fire, often roasting marshmallows and laughing, making the best of memories. And so the plan for a back porch/deck made its way to the forefront of our minds.

Here is a raw, but real photo of our “before”. The joy is not missing anywhere is this photo, and the work on the deck has not yet begun.

With future plans (not yet revealed), Mike ensured the back deck had a secure and solid foundation (for whatever the future holds). My contribution was a grand staircase off the front and wrangling a toddler so the woodwork could be completed.

One side wrapped around to the side with a staircase leading to an undeveloped courtyard (notice the brick stack!!).  img_0032-1

Each side railing was created with specific attention to detail match the decor and architecture of the front porch, to ensure congruent craftmanship.


As always, we are only beginning; and Mike works harder than anyone I know to make our family dreams, wishes, and fantasies at the Southern House a reality.  More to come.. 

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! I know the family that lives there is a very happy family!

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