Cooking It Up

Wini’s room was the first to be completed, but the Southern House has 8 more rooms to go!  (THAT’S EIGHT!!)

In the middle of painting our neighbor’s house.  Mike began work on completing our kitchen.  Although fully functioning, it lacked paint on the walls, counter tops, and shelving.  There were several debates on what should grace our countertops.  The challenge lied in our desire to maintain simplicity and continue farmhouse decor.  What would it be? Granite? Tile?  We pondered the usual suspects.  But it was Mike’s creative inspiration that led us to choose steel.  Yes, you read that correctly, steel countertops.  Mike bought several sheets of 12 gauge steel.


Much like granite, Mike had to measure and cut each sheet to match each section of countertops.  For the bullnose, Mike purchased decorate stamped steel and welded it onto the edges of each custom piece of countertop.  The finished result was stunning, and it looks as if they had been there nearly as long as the house was built!


Paint was added to the cabinets and walls, finishing off with white trim.   Instead of adding big cabinets above the counters, we opted to continue the simple, open type of storage.  Cedar planks, found inside the house when bought by Mike, were sanded and poly’d with black steel decorative brackets to hold them in place.  These two shelves now hold our plates, and drinking glasses.


Those same brackets were also placed under the bar for extra support.

Matching the same cedar wood as the shelves, Mike made a “trap door” in the kitchen, farmhouse style, on the ceiling.  While the door is absolutely adorable, it serves to allow access to the upstairs plumbing should anything need replacement.

As a barn find, an antique farmhouse table was added to accommodate our growing number of little people, with beautiful mismatched chairs that suite the era of simplicity.


Sometimes, I find myself taking advantage of the how far this precious room has journeyed.  Here’s a quick reminder for myself and those following this adventure..

Here are a few links to previous blogs about our sweet kitchen: Coming Together,   Floors,    and   BeCase We Can.

Our adorable little kitchen isn’t quite finished, but that appears to be the beauty.  As laughter and love, food and dance-offs happen, being finished doesn’t quite seem as important.

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