New Member; New Life

*hands over eyes* Nearly a year has come and gone, and I have not kept up with blogging about our beautiful historic home.  As life gets more into routine, I want to continue updating and logging our journey at the Southern House.  So, here goes….

With the addition of completing some rooms, we’ve also added to our growing home.   On June 2, 2016, our family welcome our sweet Wini as the first daughter among the three boys.

image (63)

Mike worked relentlessly for months leading up to Wini’s coming to ensure HER room would be complete and ready for her arrival.  He worked until past midnight most evenings and still managed to care for his pregnant wife, and three boys, and work a day job!  (I’m still waiting for him to break out the cape and fly!)

Here are some before shots and during:

Years (and years) ago, Mrs. Betsy informed us that the Southern House was split into two levels, and upstairs and downstairs, with each floor having it’s own bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom.  Wini’s room was once the upstairs kitchen at some point, and I believe we counted a bazillion tacks in that beautiful hardwood floor.  And Mike pulled EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.  Luckily, most all woodworking was complete and Mike proceeded to prime and paint every square inch.  A soft cream yellow was chosen, with bright white ceiling and trim.  The built-ins (see here for blog) were also painted the trim paint white, and the floors were dramatically finished off with “Kettle Black.”  We spent hours decorating, arranging, and dreaming of the beautiful daughter who would soon be calling the room her own.


Life was, is, and will be super busy, but welcomingly beautiful as we continue building our home and our family at the Southern House

image (49)

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