Moving On UP!!

Literally and figuratively!!!  Life is rolling right along at the Southern House.  As promised, here is an update on the newest edition – the attic aka the closet.

Carpenter, artist, creator extraordinaire barely skims the surface to what my man can do.  With the looming fact that the Southern House had no closets in the bedrooms… (Yes, I said no closets.  Not even one!)  Mike went UP! The high pitch roofing allowed for more than adequate storage space, so why not closet space too?  So the staircase was created (several months ago) winding up the wall in our master bedroom to the attic, crafted ever so meticulously to match the original staircase of the house.   A hole was cut in the ceiling to begin the construction for the closet to come.


From salvaged large plank tongue and groove boards, the floor was laid (also several months ago).  AND a tiny window was installed.

Walls and ceiling were built, sheetrock was hung, storage shelves built, racks were hand-made from iron piping then painted, and canned lighting was installed.  A small door was even designed for entry to rest of the attic for more storage.

The walls were painted, the floor was painted, the racks were installed, the shelving was painted, and everything was moved from hangers in the bedrooms to our beautiful new  walk-in attic closet!

Life is amazing; moving up and forward every day at the Southern House.  Work has begun on “the baby room” (she is due in June) and a blog will soon follow with details, and pictures.



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