Coming Together in the Kitchen

In a whirlwind of a month (September) so much has occurred.  I’ll start with the kitchen; considering in the beginning of our dream of Southern House, it tragically had no floor.


The subfloor was already laid, 3/4 inch (as discussed in an earlier blog CLICK HERE).  We worked an entire weekend laying the foundation for the new flooring.  We put down the backer board with concrete, and reinforced with screws (A LOT OF THEM).  Talk about back-breaking work!!

339backerboardinstall 340backerboardinstall

Then came the layout for the kitchen cabinetry.  And I would not have guess such mental efforts would be required in creating/building/designing my own kitchen cabinetry!!  We invested nearly an entire day, arranging and rearranging, and then rearranging again, until we finally decided on the perfect layout.  With the design in mind, the base for the custom cabinets were cut and laid out.  Finally, the flooring.

342cabinetdesign 343cabinetdesign

Have I mentioned that we purchased old Chicago style brick pavers to lay in our kitchen?


Mike came up with an amazing idea to incorporate some style into our brick flooring; hence the herring bone design richly outlined with soldiers.  The soldiers were laid first; square outlining the breakfast area, then outlining the kitchen area around the based built cabinets.  So much mortar, so many bricks, so many up and downs.  And the results were STUNNING!!! Hannah (our boxer) couldn’t help but be in on all the work, er, fun!

348soldiers 352soldiers



The following week, our stove and fridge were delivered, and just in time to be placed atop the brick flooring, really giving a feel for how the kitchen would operate.

372appliancedelivered 373appliancedelivered

There’s more.. But then again, another blog will tell you soon !!

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