Carrying the Load

So much is happening, I almost don’t know where to begin ! (Almost!)  In the past week, there have been less building and more loading.  From crown molding to brick pavers, water heater, boy beds, curtains to plywood, AC supplies, decorative metal, backer board to picking out the new W/D, stove, and refrigerator, there has been nonstop action.


This weekend proved a new experience for me, as I helped with insulation, and we prepped the kitchen floor for it’s newly purchased pavers.  (I’ll have a whole blog on the kitchen floor soon!)  I had an opportunity to run a hopper, the machine that chomps up insulation and blows it out, while Mike distributed the insulation from the hose in the attic.  Afterwards, we both giggled at one another.  I looked like I was growing fur, and Mike appeared as if he’d been swimming from the humidity, as he was in the scorching attic at 91 degrees.
Enthusiasm is increasing on this adventure of creating the Southern House into our home.
Talk about materials and loads we’ve bore, surfaces a very appropriate quote by Lou Holtz.  “It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”

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