Finally FINISHED… with Painting

At least the outside that is. I can honestly say with the heat index over 100 most days, choking humidity and little cloud coverage, I watched Mike work relentlessly to make this happen! And we are so happy and excited to announce..
254paintingoutside 266paintingoutside
 287outsidepaintingdone 286outsidepaintingdone
283outsidepaintingdone 281outsidepaintingdone
During the process of painting, a neighbor had a disgusting vicious leak that flooded our sidewalk and driveway, leaving an icky, oozy and muddy mess. BUT we were pleasantly surprised when the City came out and, not only cleaned it up, but poured new concrete. I couldn’t resist the urge to write names in the fresh concrete, and our sweet boys followed suit, writing their names as well.
269driveway 273driveway
276driveway 277driveway
Taking a break from the heat and painting, Mike touched up and then built a frame to surround an original painting of the house by the builder’s daughter of how she remembered the home originally located in Logtown, Mississippi.  Notice the white picket fence, and the Pearl River flowing behind it.  Keeping with repurposing and recycling, the frame was handmade from original wooden corner trim retrieved during the recent painting and replacing.  Mike measured, and cute, and nailed, and fitted, and turned every creative, nurturing gear I his genius mind to ensure the frame was a continued proclamation of the love and labor that began with a pairing.  We are excited to display it proudly in the Southern House upon completion.
290thepaintingframe 293thepaintingframe 296thepainting
Moving on to the next stage of restoring a historic home; reworking the original handrails on the staircase.  (Reworking is an understatement!!) Mike handcrafted and created a handrail to match the original design, as they just don’t make em like they used to.  There was no way we were trading the vintage rails simply because matching ones were not purchasable.  Nope!  Handcrafted was the only route, and perfection was the only acceptable description of his created handrails.
297railingrebuild 306paintingrails 308paintingrails
Next?  More paint!  I cannot believe how excited I was to have fresh paint on the wall. This is the only wall to date because in order to re-install the painted handrails, it became necessary to prep and paint the wall behind them.
305paintingstairs 310paintingfloors 312paintingstairs
We are continuing our journey and will SO MUCH progress happening over the next few weeks!  Life is beautifully happening as we create and rebuild the home we love at 811 Southern.

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