Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, Rain, Go away. We have to paint our house today!! 

These were my thoughts this past weekend.  While most were worried about their BBQ being rained out, Mike and I were more concerned with the rain washing away the blue paint freshly brushed on the wood of The Southern House. While the storm was blowing in, Mike took the opportunity to fill in some holes on the simple tongue and groove walls while I applied polyurethane to exposed brick to ensure protection and preservation. 

Recently rented scaffolding for the painting portion of renovation and restoration of The Southern House. 
Thank goodness the rain ceased on Monday and Mike was able to complete many sections. 

 More paint to apply, but it’s progress and my little song seemed to work, at least for now. 
This next picture excites me! Mike and our youngest pulled cabinet doors from storage to prepare for the kitchen.  So much is coming in the next few months. 


1 Comment

  1. I’ve thoroughly, truly LOVED your updates on “The Southern House”! But more than the sum of that is to be privy & see your love unfold! May your hearts stay warm & open to a beautiful life in a home you cherish! Can’t wait to see it, you never know, I just may pop in! đŸ’—

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