BeCase We Can

Approaching are the hot summer temps which gives way to perfect outside painting weather.  A few thunderstorms and rainy evenings held us off and allowed for the final casing to be completed several rooms, including windows, and doors.  Along with casing, a few pieces of crown was added to complete the look.

The hallway with crown.


The front room large door casing.


Bathroom door cased out.


Kitchen window cased out.


First story bathroom window cased out.


Crown being added to kitchen.


Sheetrock was purchased for the first story application that will later be wainscoting. 1×5 cased out both entries.  Several months back, a set of used wooden french doors were discovered and bought (from Craigslist)!  Another gem we stumbled on (local antique store, Calico Mall) was quickly grabbed up.  After some stain glass modification this beauty became a perfect transom for the above the French doors.  We are informed it was pulled from a New Orleans church, which only adds to its charm.


To access the plumbing of the second story bathroom, a cute and handy “trap door” was created by Mike from discarded but beautiful wooden planks, fashioned with black finished hinges and bolt.


An outside light was added, with the help of our family pup, Hannah.  A quick thank you to Mike’s sister Anne for her donation of both lanterns which will light up our back yard on those hot summer nights perfect for porch sitting.

218outsidelight 219outsidelight 220outsidelight

After what felt like days of discussion, Mike and I decided on a home where Mike’s acquire antique phone nook will be permanently placed; the kitchen.


My job, while Mike was relentlessly replacing the tongue and groove boards in the dining room was to strip the old, peeling, nasty paint off the dining room mantle.  Once this task was complete, Mike built the casing up to the ceiling making this old fireplace framed in a grand mantle.

225strippeddiningmantle  227diningmantlewithcasing

In the meantime, we’ve also visited a recently re-opened Rudy’s Hat full of junky stuff, some of which included a bachelor’s chest, vintage clocks, and antique dinnerware.  The clock’s fates will decided at a later date, but as for the chest… Mike’s mind was made for Pinteresting, and he presented the most perfect idea of incorporating the chest into a sink base for a vintage sink for the downstairs bathroom.  Only one challenge.. would it fit with our (HUGE) antique clawfoot tub?  No worries, Mike and his brother (John – thanks so much) lugged it from storage into the Southern House for a mockup.  (Insert huge sigh of relief) IT FIT!

232rudyhatfinds 233rudyhatfinds 234rudyhatfinds 235bathroomsink

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention Mike’s turtle rescue when he was cutting the back yard.  Not one, but two fellas were discovered, captured, played with, and then released back into the backyard.  Although, it was difficult not keep the fellas for pets.


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