Floors & Now, Doors

With the second story floors ready to be cleaned and painted, bathroom nearly complete, the next logical step was to get some doors hanging! Three pine doors were purchased for the three entries to the bedrooms. The original doors were set for two inches taller than modern doors, so Mike went tediously to work cutting down the door framing to make sure every door fit snugly, where it belongs, and without huge gaps. This house has more quirks than Willy Wonka and we are learning to love it.

182doorsin 183doorsin

The door to the bathroom was kept original. Seriously, look how cute that door is!


The biggest task seemed to present itself in what the doorknob would be for the tiny door. Originally, and still attached, was a rim lock, but sadly was no longer working.  I was excited to remember that I found last year (thank goodness for Pinterest and saving that pin) a site that specializes in reproducing antique hardware!!!  Thanks to House of Antique Hardware, we purchased a very fitting small rim-lock set with cast-iron knobs.

181bathroomlock 186bathroomdoorlock

As for future knobs, House of Antique Hardware will have our business and we are already picking out the perfect vintage ones!

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