Treasures for Renovators

Originally, we decided upon an apron sink for the kitchen. The decision stemmed from the concept that the sink was simple, functional and could be picked out, installed fairly easily without much hassle.  But then I discovered the wonders that were waiting for me to save them on Craigslist. I was casually browsing for a bathroom vanity sink I thought might be a perfect fit for the style we were aspiring to achieve in the second story bathroom. After more correspondence with the seller, it wasn’t quite what I wanted.  BUT I did discover and fell in love with a gorgeous drain board kitchen sink in excellent condition.  I had to have it. The style, the design, was an optimal match! A very sweet friend, Mr. Matthew made swift arrangements, and had the sink loaded down in the back of his late forties model Chevy pickup truck, waiting for our arrival and pickup on the coast.
This was the beginning of my vintage sink obsession.
A mere few weeks later, Mike and I were plundering local antique and vintage stores on search of the perfect vintage vanity.  Located at Marketplace Antiques, at a price we just could not begin to refuse, we discovered two suitable vanity sinks I quickly purchased.  While on the hunt for sink, I also found, fell in love with, and bought an antique trunk and that I’m determined to help Mike make a piece of furniture out of.  But that is for another blog.
I’ve happily found the absolute truth in “One man’s junk is another man’s (or woman’s) treasure”!

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