It’s a Flushing Miracle

I have waited SO long on this day to come and I can barely contain my excitement now that it is here! WE HAVE A WORKING TOILET!!
For some, for most, this luxury is taken for granted. Having a working means no more potty dances, no more break aways from work just to take a bathroom break, and structural plumbing complete!
In addition to the toilet, the whole bathroom got a makeover including new (but used) flooring, a watering trough made into a shower stall with deck complete with steps, baseboards and crown.  Big thanks to another handy craftsman (Alex Bilancia) for donating tongue and groove porch boards that were perfect for the bathroom replacement!
Porch tongue and groove flooring stacked and ready for the bathroom!
Bathroom floor before !
Hannah “helping” out. I love those cheeks!!
Structure of step and deck for shower stall built.
Tongue and groove boards are the makeup for the riser and tread for the step into the shower.  I love the look of all the original colors from the repurposed wood, so the riser will remain colorful and polyed over, while the tread will be painted to match the flooring.  Tongue and groove bead board help wall in the shower stall, which will also be left chipped and colored.
Finally finished with upper surrounding deck made from tongue and groove boards, to be painted, crown and baseboards, with flooring.  To be painted of course!
Handmade and crafted, unique industrial vanity lighting made entirely by Mike.
The bathroom has been long hours, hard work and beautiful productions from Mike’s dedication to uniquely perfect craftsmanship.  More exciting building to come !!

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