Floors at Last, Floors at Last…

(In the resemblance of words of MLK)     Thanks God Almighty, Floors at Last.

There is something revilating and free about having the entire flooring for The Southern House completed.

You remember the before, which included no flooring at all.


Finally the flooring in the kitchen, well the subfloor.  Another flooring will be installed on top of the plywood.  In the meantime, I am excited to begin laying out the floor plans for building the kitchen.

155kitchenfloordone 154kitchenfloordone

And the most challenging aspect of our recent flooring adventure.. the stairs.  While the slight (which is an understatement) lean to the staircase was charming, Mike ripped up every tread and riser, ensuring it was stable and straight.  For each landing, tongue and groove boards were placed to keep in congruency with the original flooring and landing for the Southern House.

14inside 158stairsbefore

159stairsdone 161stairsdone 162stairsdone

The original posts and railing are currently in repair, as the desire to keep original aspects of the Southern House are strong and restoring them is in the process.

These exciting steps (figuratively and literally) are huge for the Southern House !  And the words ring so beautiful, “Floors at Last, Floors at Last.  Thank God almighty, Floors at Last.”

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