We Are Floored (literally)

I never knew having floor could be so exciting.  But after weeks, months, and years of carefully eyeing which path we take, which boards to avoid, and the daunting view of rotten decaying floorboards, WE ARE FLOORED !! (At least in the dining room!)

After the damage found in the front room which cost us time, money, and mental exhaustion (read about it here), I was honestly concerned with what would be found waiting to surprise us in (under or around) the dining room; which by comparison looked A LOT worse.  The termites sure did a number chomping through a large portion of the original tongue and groove flooring at the bay windows.

There was some work to do done around the fireplace: knocking out the existing concrete hearth, then restructuring/rebuilding the base for a new hearth.  Some minor structural repairs were done to the joists and the sills to ensure the floor in the dining room would be level and securely braced.

Inspecting the 50-something holes, free from the termite chewed, rotten boards, we constructed a list of sizes and appropriate stacks to match those sizes for easy reference.  And somehow, we could not find an inch of paper.  What better use for scrap wood than to write lists on?


Each piece of tongue and groove board we selected (which had been pulled from other locations in the SAME house) had to be ripped down to the size of the existing flooring, which one would expect to match.  And one would be wrong.  1/8 of an inch makes more difference than I could have ever imagined.  Here is the before…


We selected, we cut, we keyed, we ripped, we fitted, we nailed for two days for this finally finished floor and it was absolutely worth it.


FYI (and for another blog) the section of the window where plywood is located will be a bench seat, which is not yet created.

The flooring will continue.  We journeyed to the local Lowe’s tonight (our second home as of late), and purchased all of the materials required to put in the kitchen flooring!!


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