Literally! The past few days have been completely dedicated to ensuring every room in the Southern House is well lit. Crunching down and working harder to complete the restoration process that began years ago currently includes working late hours, most of which are at night, after working full time jobs. Mike recognized immediately that adequate lighting was a necessity, and one that should not be skimped. At his suggestion, guidance and implementation, nearly every room has canned lighting.

Upstairs canned lighting could be installed through the attic, which was a fairly easy task. Regular cans were bought, positioned and finished within days. The front bedroom is rather large, so four cans were perfect. The master bedroom, with it’s grand fireplace and elegant bay windows, is appropriately lighted with four cans also. The last bedroom, and the smallest, only holds two cans warmly giving the room a cozy feeling. The bathroom has one can and then a handmade (by Mike of course) vanity light that looks incredibly steampunk vintage. (Don’t worry – pictures later!) Finally, the hallway/stairwell/balcony has four cans with two situated over the balcony, while the other two light up the stairway from down below.

Downstairs posed a challenge to install canned lighting. Considering the Southern House was built in the 1900s, the space between the ceiling and the second story presented a lot smaller than modern housing. But Mike has a solution for every problem faced. We purchased, and installed shallow canned lighting. The kitchen, dining room, and sitting/living room now have four recessed canned lighting. The downstairs hallway has a iron chandelier, and the bathroom will have custom steampunk vintage lighting to match the second story bathroom.

Now that the entire house has lights, the power is on, we can take action. Actions that move the Southern House into the beautiful home it desires to be and will become in coming months.

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