Floors, Fireplaces, and a Puppy

What do they have in common?  Floors, fireplaces, and a puppy is how we spent the past week working at the Southern House.  Every spare moment (up to 12 hours a day) was spent in repair of some already damaged floors, and our created but beautiful destruction to have exposed brick, with a puppy to play with on our infrequent breaks.

Here he is.  Cold (below freezing temps) and cutting rotten floorboards, replacing with “new ones;” which are actually pieces of tongue and groove boards recovered from other parts of the house, but no longer needed. The end result became the entire 2nd story floor officially hole free, and sound.



Next we move on to the alluring uneven fireplace in the master bedroom.


This was where I stepped back so I wouldn’t sink in the amazing creative power flowing immensely from Mike’s brain.  At his idea, nearly all the wood used were recycled parts of the Southern House; the old baseboards, the door trim, etc.  Most would throw it all out, but for Mike it provided sturdy, hard and a impeccable product to create mantle display.


He cut, he routed, he built and he manipulated the pieces of wood and boards in a way that could best be described as brilliant.  And at the end of a long day turned into night, a mantle rose up in stunning fashion.


Next was the bedroom opposite of the fireplace in the master bedroom.  The exposed brick was discovered last year, and the boards were peeled away to view the splendid architecture.  We just couldn’t cover it up, again, with a wall!! So, we didn’t.


A daunting task lay ahead to unravel the perfect route to trim out the unique pattern of brick in a simple design that would only suit a 1900’s farmhouse.  Motivation was Mike’s middle name as he tackled and conquered the uneven brick line.  I wish I could say I wasn’t surprised, but I always stand startled when I gaze upon his craftsmanship.


Oh yea, and playing with the puppy… She enjoyed the work as much as we did; finding a spot to rest on my lap!

128hannahfun 129hannahfun

Stay tuned.. we aren’t nearly done with this journey to create the Southern house into our home.

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