2015: A New Year, NOT a New Home

2015 is upon us.  Most individuals restart, recharge, renew, re-whatever with resolutions and promises to a better (insert noun here).  With so many “new year” Facebook/Twitter/Instagram posts and discussions, I reflected on the “used” part of the Southern House.  What’s not to love about this “used” 1900’s home?  With its tongue and groove boards, quirky staircase, three alluring fireplaces, ten and twelve foot glamorous ceilings, this historic home is truly and simply impeccable.  Or so I thought…  This is when my nifty visionary fiancé introduced the idea of demolition to the closet; the ONLY closet in the house.  Catch the before shot, standing at the top of the stairwell.


Walking up the quirky, slightly shifted, but endearing staircase is a small cute balcony that leads off to the bedrooms and the one bathroom upstairs.  Smack in the middle of the balcony was a closet built out from the wall.  I did not feel like it was out of place, plus taking out the only closet in the house seemed drastic, right?  Mike envelopes drastic.  His vision, his skills for seeing past the present and current physical appearance is a redeeming artistic quality that I adore about Mike, and he was right.  It was drastic, it was shocking, and it was the perfect timing.  So, we went to work, welcomed the change, and stood back to view the results, which I have to admit (bias, I know) were stunning.  A spacious, open, inviting entry and balcony (that I’ve already begun making plans for)!!

So here is snapshot of the demolition midway.



A snapshot of the after demolition is completed.  Notice how tiny the closet really was at this point. Plus no wall, ceiling or floor boards were damaged during this process.  Previous wiring of the house included that pretty, but necessary wire going through the closet, which we later re-routed into the wall.


Speaking of wiring.. In addition to our demolition duties, we’ve also been busy wiring and re-wiring the house for electricity.  (Insert some cheesy quote about out with the old and in with the new!)  The process has involved deciding where light switches go and what they control, where to put sockets, cutting holes for sockets and switches, running and pulling wiring through walls, floors, attics and ceiling, and a lot of other electrical necessities to ensure safety and produce satisfaction.  To date, the entire upstairs has selected and installed lighting, cutouts, and wiring for all switches and sockets and lights.  (And they work too.)

Some aspects about the Southern House will never change, other parts will change continuously throughout the renovation process (and as Mike has creative visions).  Embracing the imperfections as perfect charm for the Southern House has been as much a part of the renovation process as replacing the old outdated or unsafe pieces.  Here’s to embracing more imperfections, and engaging in productive renovations of the Southern House in 2015.  Happy New Year!!

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