It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

(I’m applying song lyrics again!)

Today, the air is crisp and most everyone is donning warm coats. Yesterday, I was running in shorts. (Crazy South Mississippi weather!)  Lights are dazzling strung on most homes, and blow up snowmen are towering in the yards. In our sweet little downtown neighborhood, we participate in the Victorian Candlelit Christmas, this being our second year.  A beautiful celebration of historic homes, where visitors and neighbors can ride in horse drawn carriages through the neighborhood, take tours of gorgeous historic homes, or stroll the sidewalks lined with candlelit bags. For those living in this perfect corner of Hattiesburg, parties and open houses invite friends in for food, fellowship, and drinks. This elaborate hiday event only occurs for a Saturday and Sunday in December. At The Southern House, we not only engage in lighting (5 dozen!!!) bags, we get in the Christmas Spirit with lighted garland, red bows, and a sparkly present to hang.
Here are some snapshots of The Southern House ready for celebrating our holidays and showing off its splendor surrounded by candlelit bags.
image1 811Christmas
A link for more information on this year’s Victorian Candlelit Christmas in the Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood.
And here is another “have to share” shot of The Southern House in the daytime complete with Christmas decor and a ’65 Convertible Beetle hanging out in front. (My guy does epic suspension work.) This cute little bug is on loan so he could drop it and create a more hotrod look. Old car, old house.. it felt fitting to see the two side by side.
Aside from decorating the outside, there has been building that continues on the inside of this blue beauty; I am excited to report that the plumbing is completed in the downstairs bathroom and floor completely and flawlessly replaced.  I can’t wait to share those pictures!!!
(Singing) It’s the hap-happiest season of all.. With those holiday greetings, and gay happy meetings when friends come to call. It’s the hap-happiest season of all.

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