Making a List and Checking it Twice !

No, I’m not referring to Santa making a list, but rather my MCM.


The holiday season is creeping around the corner, and I admit joyfully that I apply Christmas song lyrics to just about anything, including the work towards the restoration of the Southern House!  I get goosebumps with the aroma of excitement that floats all around while lists are made, tape measures are pulled, and loads of galvanized piping is bought in preparation for continuing the plumbing into the kitchen.  Those lyrics seemed coincidentally appropriate after arriving at the Southern House to witness my handyman balancing between two beams in the kitchen with a pad, pen, and measuring tape.


Yes, I do realize that currently there is no floor; the joke is that we are going for the “primitive style.”  Ha!  (Stay tuned for what the real fabulous plans are!!)  So the idea forms that plumbing is easier to create and “run” without flooring, especially with a raised foundation.  We are starting from scratch and will have all new plumbing upon completion of laying pipe.

Now, back to that list:   Distances are measured.   Shopping list created.   Pipe bought.   Plans drawn.   Decorate for the Holidays (I will post pictures!).

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